Year 3/4F Maths Trip To Jesmond Dene

Below is an imovie of some of the children on the brilliant year 3/4f maths trip to Jesmond Dene. The class got to do a maths scavenger hunts, test their estimation skills on the bridge and then research facts about the animals in pets corner. Even a bit of thunder and rain couldn’t dampen the children’s spirits.


A huge thank you to all of the parents who came and helped out.

Time homework

Below are time questions for you to solve. You can submit your answers in a comment or print off the work and bring it in to class. Don’t forget to use the maths methods page to assist you.

Mr Flood

  1. My movie started at 4.55pm and ended at 6.45pm. How long did it last for?


  1. I left for school at 8.25am and arrived at 11.45am. How long did it take me to walk to school?


  1. The train leaves at 1.18pm. It takes an  one and quarter hours to walk to the station. What time do I have to leave the house?



  1. I left the house at 12.45pm and got back at 2.50pm. How long was I out for?



  1. Lunch started at 12.55pm and finished at 4.50pm. How long is the lunch break?



  1. The bus leaves at 3.20pm. It takes half an hour to walk to the bus stop. What time do I have to leave the house?


  1. I start playing on the xbox at 5.10am. I play for two and a half hours. What time do I finish playing?



  1. A cake takes ¾ of an hour to bake. It needs to be ready by 7.00pm. What time does it need to go in the oven?


  1. I start watching a programme at 5.05pm. It finished 150 minutes later. What time does it finish?



  1. I left school at 3.20pm and got home at 5.25pm. How long did it take me to walk home?

Year 3/4f Big Gig

Last Tuesday,  year3/4F went to Northumbria University where they took part in the musical spectacular that was the Big Gig. The children did as expected did the school proud with their excellent behavior and even better musical skills. Well done to all of those involved.

Fraction homework

Here are some questions for you to practice finding a fraction of an amount. Remember to find a fraction of an amount, first divide your number the denominator to find out what one fraction is worth. Then multiply your answer by your numerator (top number of fraction) to tell you how much of the amount you have.

Example – how much is 2/5 of 500ml.

First divide 500 by the denominator which in this case is 5. So 500 divided by 5 = 100 so 1/5 = 100ml.

So therefore 2/5 is equal to 100ml x 2 which gives me an answer of 200ml.

Now you try these questions. Remember go on to the maths page on the main Benton park blog site for help. You can bring in your answers on paper or just submit them as a comment on this page.

  1. In a bag of marbles, there are 28 marbles.  ½ are blue.  How many blue marbles are there?
  1. On a bus there are 86 passengers.  ½ are children.  How many children are there?
  1. I win £105 on the lottery, but give 1/3 away – how much do I give away?
  1. In school there are 84 children.  2/3 like maths.  How many children like maths?
  1. I threw away 416 Kg of rubbish, but recycled 1/4 of it.  How much rubbish did I recycle?
  1. A shark chases 224 fish, and eats 1/4 of them – how many does it eat?
  1. There is 225ml of pop in my bottle, but I spill 3/5 of it – how much do I spill?
  1. I am reading a comic which is 400 pages long.  I have read 4/5 of it.  How many pages have I read?
  1. I had 48 smarties, but ate 4/4 of them.  How many smarties are left?
  1. I had £7.80 but spent 1/3 on a comic, How much have I got left?

Mr. Flood


How to look after a pet dragon instruction text

Below is the text that children have been learning in English this week along with a video chanting a text map after only one lesson. Fantastic effort.

 How to look after a pet dragon

Have you ever wanted to keep a unique pet? If so, just visit the local dragon orphanage and select your very own baby dragon. You will never be bored.

However, a pet dragon is not easy to care for so you will need to follow these instructions carefully. If not, you may find that your dragon becomes a fiery nuisance.

What you need:

A dragon whistle, a large metal bucket, plenty of food and a smooth, flat rock

What you do:

First, gather dragon food such as mice, rats and other small creatures.

Next, carefully place the dragon feast on a smooth, flat rock.

After that, provide a bucket of water as dragons always like to drink after eating.

Once everything is ready, blow the whistle sharply three times.

Finally, move to a safe distance before you let your pet out for its dinner.

Final point:

Dragons are not just for birthdays, they are for a lifetime. As your pet gets older it will protect you from danger and, of course, a well-trained dragon may even allow its owner to ride on it as it flies.



Last Night

So what’s up guys it’s me again Jack s and I’m here with another post. So this time my post is about Last Night. As you may or may not know I play for a Football Club called Heaton Hawks. Last Night I went to a yearly presentation for my Football Club Heaton Hawks. At the presentation we get awarded trophies for different things such as most improved player which is given to the player in a team who has improved the most over this season.The managers award goes to the player who the manager thinks has played the best this season.Players player goes to the player who has got the most votes from the team. Opisitions player goes to the player who has got given Man Of The Match from the opposing team.Also there was a raffle for some prizes but the top prize was A SIGNED NEWCASTLE SHIRT!!!!! I never won the shirt but I was still happy because I had a great night out my football team.Also Lewis,Jonathon and Jason play for Heaton Hawks in our school Lewis could not make it because he was at Cub camp.

Maths Homework

As promised here are some calculations for you to practice over the half term. Copy the calculations down  and solve them and bring them into me on next week on a piece of paper with your name on it. Don’t forget to use the Maths Mayhem page on the front page of the blogsite to help you solve the calculations. .

  1. 2 x 114
  2. 11 x 14
  3. 326 ÷ 6
  4. 824 ÷ 5
  5. 15 x 13
  6. 654 ÷ 7
  7. 9 x 213
  8. 3642 ÷ 4
  9. 8 x 123

If you feel really confident why not try these calculations that include decimals.

1265.42 + 1278.47
683.21 – 171.45
8934.1 – 1341.21
6743.35 + 237.02
9840.23 + 2785.1
145.23 ÷ 4
326.89 x 6


Mr Flood

Year 3/4F Bike Trip

On Friday year 3/4 F went on a cycling adventure up towards the Rising Sun park. The children had won the award for being the class that had he most children in KS2 who cycled or scooted in school. Emma for Sustrans, was kind enough to also bring in some ice -creams for the children ( and some staff as well). All in all a great afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.


Mr Flood



year 3/4 F Bike Trip

New topic

Hi guys and once again it’s me Jack with another post.This time it’s about our new topic in year 3/4 and it’s Christianity and signs and symbols.So far we have learned about signs and and we learnt that we see signs and symbols everywhere but what is a sign and a symbol?Well they are 2 different things A sign is:A sign is something that represents many different things.A symbol:A symbol is something that represents only one thing.Also in class we decided what things are a sign and what is a symbol.


So guys it’s me Jack once again and this time I’m writing about P.E.So guys in P.E we’ve been doing tag rugby but know it’s over and we’ll be starting Athletics.Last Tuesday was the last lesson of tag rugby an it was great.  it was a tournament I’m not saying it’s great just because my class won.We all enjoyed doing tag rugby so let’s hope that athletics will be just as good as tag rugby was.